May 22, 2015

Day 142


by Lee Fang

As originally posted on: The Intercept
May 18, 2015

After winning reelection and control of the U.S. Senate, Republican Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., appointed Hazen Marshall, a lobbyist for Koch Industries, as his new policy chief.

Marshall, whose lobbying background Roll Call described on Monday, began working as McConnell’s policy director earlier this year. Marshall previously served as a partner with the Nickles Group, where he represented clients including Koch Industries, AT&T, Cigna, Exxon Mobil, Medtronic, Exelon, Comcast, the American Hospital Association and Wal-Mart.

Records show Marshall worked on behalf of Koch Industries to lobby on tax credit legislation as well as against S.J. Res. 19, a resolution seeking to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

Koch Industries’ lobbying team disclosed spending over $13 million to influence the federal government last year. Executives from Koch Industries’ lobbying subsidiary, Koch Companies Public Sector, also help to manage a sprawling network of think tanks, internship programs and campaign-oriented nonprofits.

Last June, McConnell made an appearance at the private donor summit organized by Koch Industries’ owners, Charles and David Koch.

“I want to start by thanking you, Charles and David, for the important work you’re doing,” McConnell said, according to the Huffington Post. “I don’t know where we’d be without you.”

May 20, 2015

Day 140

The following tweets were originally posted by Tony Pivetta on Twitter via his personal account (, variously, on April 11, 2015; April 14, 2015; April 25, 2015; May 2, 2015; May 12, 2015; May 13, 2015; and May 17, 2015.

Greed is not good. That's why we have a government. Nothing they fund has anything to do with greed.

The IRS decides whether you owe more or not. That sounds fair enough to me. It's not as if they have a vested interest in the matter.

How does enlisting the government to protect us from monopoly work? The government is a monopoly.

The State's premise? Some of you kill and steal. We will centralize killing and stealing, thereby preventing you from killing and stealing.

People fear unbridled self-interest. So they endorse a monopolist of violence to protect them from it. #FoxGuardingHenHouse

Unbridled self-interest scares you? Set up a monopolist of violence. No one entering its ranks can be said to be guided by self-interest.

"Anarchists trust people too much!" the statists bray. "Let us proceed to fill the ranks of State with people!"

We can't trust members of our species not to steal or kill. We have no choice but to grant a select few authority to steal and kill. #State

As long as we have to place our faith in somebody out there, ought it not to be those people who can steal, kill, and kidnap with impunity?

May 18, 2015

Day 138

McManigal: Laws are just opinions of bullies

by Kent McManigal

As originally posted: Clovis News Journal
May 14, 2015

If you were sitting alone in your own home, would you seek permission to read one of your books? Or to write one? Would you be concerned with whether you are allowed to scratch an itch?

Would you wonder if you need a license to watch TV? Don’t laugh — TV licensing is a reality in Great Britain and many other places.

Might you call an inspector for a permit before you make a sandwich?

As long as you weren’t violating anyone’s person or private property would you feel guilty about sipping a glass of tea?

So why would you feel guilty about sticking a gun in your waistband, going out to your unregistered car, driving to a friend’s house and buying some marijuana — peacefully, without first seeking someone’s permission or finding out whether it’s allowed?

If you’d feel bad about it, I’ll bet it has to do with those things being against the law.

Laws are nothing but the opinions of bullies — opinions thought of as legitimate only because of the power of those bullies to impose their opinions on everyone else through their hired guns.

Sometimes their opinions match reality, such as their opinion that you shouldn’t murder or commit a robbery.

Most of the time, however, their opinions don’t align with reality at all, such as when they hold the opinion you should pay a yearly ransom on your house, get their permission to own and use a car, claim you can’t be permitted to buy or sell certain things, or you can’t be allowed to smoke anything you want.

No one has the right to force their opinion as to whether you can operate a business out of your home on you, nor about what price you can negotiate for anything you are willing to sell — including your labor.

Opinions called laws are always either unnecessary or downright harmful.

The only reason the harmful opinions aren’t ignored even more completely than they already are is because of the prevalence of a superstition: the belief in authority. It’s equivalent to a belief in astrology, but is actually much more harmful to the individual and, by extension, to civilization.

As long as your actions don’t violate the person or property of another, no one — not one person on the planet — has the right to stop you.

It’s not that you have a right to do those things, it’s that the right to stop you can’t exist. It’s based on this myth of authority.

Even if your actions and choices offend other people, or they use the excuse of “the common good,” it changes nothing. Widespread civil disobedience is long overdue.

Farwell’s Kent McManigal champions liberty. Contact him at:

May 17, 2015

Day 137

Rola Misaki Japanese porn star accepts Chinese mogul’s $8m sex slave offer

by Christopher Kouloris

As originally posted on: Scallywag and Vagabond
May 15, 2015

An unnamed Chinese billionaire has been rumored to offer upwards of $8 million to Japanese porn star Rola Misaki in exchange for the woman’s exclusive services.

According to a report via the People’s Daily Online the 22 year old Japanese porn star who is half Russian and half Japanese made headlines after appearing at a public event together with the woman’s new benefactor shielding his identity by wearing a mask.

Sources claim the disguised tycoon, nicknamed ‘Serious Brother,’ is famous within the entertainment industry as a big-spending billionaire.

Offered a source of the mystery patron: ‘His property holdings alone are worth several hundred million dollars,’

‘At events, his behavior includes giving million-dollar tips to participants.’

He is said to have secured the star with a 15-year acting contract to help develop her career as well as being his personal assistant.

But the display of affection at the recent event caused many to presume that the contract also includes an ‘intimate relations’ clause.

Misaki was born in 1992 and due to her cute features quickly found fame on Youtube with a series of revealing videos and photos and has in recent years seen her star rising in China where she is a ‘nighttime favorite’.

She made her AV debut under the name of Rola Takizawa in 2012 with the Prestige label. With a D-cup chest and slender frame, she never garnered a huge following in Japan, but is nevertheless adored in China. And presumably by her new ‘Pretty Woman’ benefactor as well.

Her following on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, is more than 4.8 million.

She has been dubbed Japan’s ‘National Treasure Beauty’ as well as ‘Number 1 men’s goddess’.

That said the entertainer’s new role has not gone down too well with her fans, with many taking to social media to express their disappointment now that she is off the market.

Offered one fan: ‘She’s one of the best, a natural. I can’t believe she’s gone off with this man.’

If only you could come up with a bounty of money to buy your very own private Geisha girl…

May 14, 2015

Day 134


As originally posted: Reporters Without Borders
May 12, 2015

Reporters Without Borders is alarmed by a wave of violence against journalists in Mexico in which the latest victim, radio presenter Bernardo Javier Cano Torres, was abducted along with three other people near the troubled city of Iguala, in the southern state of Guerrero, on the night of 7 May.

Sources told Reporters Without Borders that Cano, one of the hosts of the programme “Hora Cero” on Iguala-based ABC Radio 93.9FM, was on his way home when he disappeared on the road between Iguala and Teloloapan. The Guerrero state authorities have confirmed that he was abducted.

“Hora Cero” co-host Natividad Ambrosio told Reporters Without Borders that they had been subjected to pressure and were forced to switch from over-the-air broadcasting to Internet broadcasting although the state governorship campaign is under way. “Hora Cero” recently celebrated its second anniversary.

In a recent programme, they commented on the threats received by Ambrosio from one of the brothers of José Luis Abarca, the former Iguala mayor who was arrested for his alleged role in the disappearance of 43 student teachers in September 2014. The mayor’s brother threatened them for taking photos of an investigation by tax officials into the Abarca family’s precious stone business.

We condemn this abduction and call on the Guerrero authorities to conduct an independent, impartial and thorough investigation in close cooperation with the federal authorities with the aim of obtaining this journalist’s release as quickly as possible,” Reporters Without Borders deputy programme director Virginie Dangles said.

Cano’s abduction came just three days after Armando Saldaña Morales, a journalist with the Veracruz state radio station La Ke Buena 100.9 FM, was found dead on 4 May in San José Cosolapa, in the neighbouring southern state of Oaxaca. He had been tortured and then shot.

Saldaña hosted “La Grilla Punto y Debate,” a political programme that was broadcast every Saturday. He was the second journalist to be killed in this town in the past nine months, following Octavio Rojas Hernandez of El Buen Tono, who was murdered on 11 August.

Veracruz and Oaxaca are two of Mexico’s deadliest states for journalists. The rate of violent crime is extremely high for various reasons including the presence of drug cartels and the corruption of local government officials. Two other journalists had already been killed in these two states since January – Moises Sanchez Cerezo in Veracruz and Abel Manuel Bautista Raymundo in Oaxaca.

Guerrero is also a particularly dangerous state for media personnel with at least 12 journalists murdered there from 2002 to 2014. Reporters Without Borders contributed to a report published on 27 April about the difficulties for journalists in this region.

Mexico is ranked 148th out of 180 countries in the latest Reporters Without Borders press freedom index, published in February.

May 13, 2015

Day 133


by "Statist Defender"

As originally posted on: The Statist Defender
May 11, 2015

With continued reports of the U.S.’s ever strengthening reliance on drone warfare and the many civilian casualties, often including children, that this has resulted in, a question is growing in the minds of Americans: is it sometimes okay to mercilessly slaughter children with flying death robots?

There is much debate regarding the actual number of civilian casualties as a result of these targeted strikes, with some estimated there have been around two-hundred children killed in the attacks, not counting those injured and permanently disabled and traumatized as a result. Amnesty International has stated that some strikes could amount to war crimes.

You might be of the mindset that since this is 2015 and we live in a self-proclaimed civilized society that the question of whether there’s justification in firing missiles at locations known or suspected to contain children was pretty much resolved. You would be wrong.

Some have voiced surprise at the debate, having believed that there was a pretty much across the board denunciation of the murder of children in the civilized world.

What such naive critics need to understand is that the question of the United States’ drone policy isn’t about life or children, this is about national security. The fact of the matter is that if we hope to protect the homeland from danger we’re going to have to put on our big boy pants and kill some kids. It’s common sense, really.

How else will our leaders defend the home front? How else will they protect us from the enemies of liberty that threaten our way of life? Our brave drone pilots serve their country from the horror of their air conditioned offices in Utah, risking Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to defend us all from the bloodthirsty toddlers and teens of the Middle East and Africa. Yet, despite the unwavering sacrifice and mild inconvenience of our courageous pilots, all the loud-mouths in the homeland can do is complain. If you’re so dissatisfied with the way they’re doing their job while they chug energy drinks, how about you go and kill some children yourself? You won’t, of course, because none of you whiny keyboard warriors would have the guts to bomb a kid for freedom.

It’s important to keep in mind that the children that have died horrible and often slow deaths in our drone strikes are for the most part not American, so it’s not like we’re massacring real kids, just those pesky foreigners.

It’s also important to remember that Americans are the good guys, and the terrorists are the bad guys. While certain methods employed by the United States in the War on Terror may seem unconscionable, we must never forget that it’s okay to do bad things as long as you’re the good guys.

It was Jesus who said: “Let the little children come to me with horrific disfigurations from that time they were thrown thirty yards by a missile blast at a Yemeni wedding that ended up not actually killing any members of Al Qaeda.” Amen.

In short the fact of the matter is the time has come to accept that the only way to encourage the spread of American freedom and democracy is to murder helpless children who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Horrible things happen in war, and we shouldn’t let the fact that we aren’t technically at war with any of the countries whose civilians we’re bombing get in the way of us becoming the heroic beacon of child-killing light this great nation was always destined to be.

God bless America.

May 12, 2015

Day 132


by "Statist Defender"

As originally posted on: The Statist Defender
May 9, 2015

Recently a political movement has been gaining traction in America calling for the limiting of the powers of the Federal Government, or even making it entirely voluntary in the case of some extremist hypotheses. Proponents for restraining government have appeared from both the extreme left and extreme right.

Most Americans disregard such notions for the inane musings they are, and rightfully so. It’s 2015, America. it’s time to recognize that widespread overreaching government is a necessary part of life. Anyone resisting the expansion of government is living in a fantasy world and refusing to recognize the necessary components of modern life and death that government programs provide. Without government, who would take their own citizen’s money by force to build the roads, then murder unarmed citizens at routine traffic stops on them?

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates that by the end of 2013 U.S. Drone strikes had killed 168 – 200 children in Pakistan alone, not taking into account similar attacks in other countries in the Middle East. Only a fool could conceive that a private organization could hope to rack up that kind of kill count. It’s time selfish libertarians and anarchists start think about the children. Who’s going to murder them without justification or consequence and shrug it off as collateral damage? The free market? Give me a break.

Every flashbang grenade thrown into a baby’s crib during an ultimately fruitless SWAT team drug raid, every dog carelessly killed by a startled police officer, every innocent man or woman tasered or maced in the genitals – these acts of justice are all thanks to the courage and devotion of heroic government employees, bravely serving to protect your right to be abused and murdered on a whim.

After studying over 8,000 reports of government-caused death, political scientist and University of Hawaii professor R. J. Rummel estimated that 262 million world civilians were murdered by their own government over the course of the 20th century, six times as many as died from all wars of the same time period combined, including both World Wars. I’m supposed to believe some “invisible hand” is going to step in and fill that genocidal quota without the hard work and dedication of those given unrestrained and unregulated power over their fellow man, defended by legions of loyal patriots justifying their every crime against humanity? Laughable.

The government isn’t perfect. No one is saying it is. But so far no organization has even begun to achieve the kind of widespread destruction that world governments have since the dawn of time. The fact of the matter is, like it or not, we need expansive government. Basic human rights aren’t going to violate themselves, people.

May 11, 2015

Day 131

The Worst Part of Her Current Experience Is It Wasn't the First or the Worst Abuse She Had Experienced on Her Life.

by "Nveious Hart"

As originally posted on: Fifty Shades of Real
March 24, 2015

Her mom had had a great friend growing up. Mom's friend was called Auntie. Auntie ironically enough was also an abuse victim. Auntie left her abuser while her boys were little in an ironic parallel to her own future. Even though Auntie's boys were 7, and 9 years older than her, they grew up with her, often spending weekends with her and her siblings and parents.  Auntie's boys were somewhere between cousins and brothers. 9 was a good boy, 7, not so much. The summer she was seven, 7 was getting into trouble at home, and Auntie had asked her mom if she could stay with them, you know to keep him out of trouble. This was no problem, ans 7 and his brother were practically mom's own. Heck 7 even used to call her mom dad when he was little. 7 was spending the summer, and as she was a huge tomboy, she was really excited to have a boy come stay with her. Plus she may or may not of worshipped him. 7 was pretty awesome.

She doesn't remember much about that summer. She does know that 7 went back to his mom and step-dad for the school year. Next summer, though 7 was in trouble again, so much so his own step-dad kicked him out. Auntie talked to her mom, and 7 moved in and was registered to start school within walking distance from her house. This was awesome 7 was going to be her brother. They functioned as a family of 6. 7 went on vacation with them the summer she was 8 going on 9. That vacation was awesome. She will always remember it as the current further west she has gone to date. Her dad registered 7 into cadets, figuring he was just a good kid, running with the wrong crowd, and some discipline would straighten him out. 7 was an older brother to her and her siblings. They played video games together, he would babysit when her parents would go out. 7 went trick or treating with them. 7 stayed until early November that year. Days shy of her 9th birthday, 7 was babysitting. Her ignorance and stubbornness led her to get into a fight with him about the TV of all things. Well for the first time in her life she experience physical abuse. 7 had exhibited violent outbursts before, but this was the first time anyone had picked her up, and chucked her into the side of the family dog's kennel. He then chucked the remote at her. Batteries flew across the room. This was before cell phones. 7 stormed out leaving her and her siblings home alone. Her parents came home soon after. She doesn't remember how her parents found out. She remember being scared and shaken. Well don't you know her parent's packed up 7's things, and called 7's mom. 7's things waited on the boulevard for 7 and his mom to come collect them.

Mom and dad protected their baby girl, all was well.

If that were the case, this would be a small blog post. She had a secret. She kept that secret for years. She doesn't remember what the argument was that triggered her to tell her secret, just that it had. She remembers yelling it at her mom, and her mom hurrying her into her room. Was this real? Had this really happened? Why keep it secret for so long? Oh her poor baby keeping this secret for so long. Yes, 7 had molested her. She to this day can't sort out memories to figure out if he had done it both summers or just the one they went on vacation.

She was a cuddly kid. Very affectionate. She would climb into bed with her parents for snuggles, so why was it different for her to snuggle 7 in bed? Sure their snuggles involved her on top of him. He would press her body up and down along his. She didn't know what the bulge, but she could feel it. 7's erection. 7 grinded her body against it. Her pelvis rubbed against his erection more times than she could count. Whether by stupidity or stroke of genius, 7 left their clothes on. In the hotel room, she would somehow wind up on the floor beside him. Everyone else got a vacation from their troubles, hers came with for the ride. In the tents though, she somehow was safe. Maybe 7 was smarter than she gave him credit for. She remembers the ride home. Everyone was sleeping. She somehow wound up snuggled up to him for the ride home. He guided her head down to his pelvis. Looked innocent from the front seat. 7 was just letting his sleepy "sister" sleep on his lap, right? Wrong. 7 got her to roll so she was facing him. She knew what he wanted, and right there in the van with her siblings sleeping, through his jeans, she gave 7 "oral pleasures". School year started, surely he would be too busy to abuse her. Wrong. She remembers coming home from school. She had been wearing mint green pants. She went to visit him in his room. Instead of special snuggles that afternoon, he lifted her. Her legs were on either side of his head. His was the first time she felt another's tongue there. 7 carried her around the room for who knows how long. The snuggles kept on for some time. One day though, something clicked. This was wrong. This was not normal. She knew she had to stop it. She kneed him. 7 was on top of her this time. It would have been rape had he removed their clothes. Up her knee came, right to his erection. 7 tried again a few days later, and claimed it didn't hurt that much. 7 also threatened her saying that because she didn't hurt him that much imagine what he would do to her if she told. This was not long before the TV argument that got him kicked out.

To this day, she can't decide what exactly happened between them. She knew it wasn't rape. There was no actual penetration, so it wasn't rape. Some say she was barely abused. Her constant nightmares begged to differ. It may have not been rape, but it was for sure repeated sexual assault by a loved one. Someone she trusted. Someone who should have protected her from the bad guys, instead was the bad guy himself.

She hadn't seen 7 since the TV argument, but sometimes 9 would still pop in occasionally. This was before they told 9 what awful thing his brother had done to her. They didn't tell 9 for a while. Not until they noticed that after every one of his visits, she would act out. Eventually they put two and two together and told 9. 9 stopped coming around after that. She still hates herself for destryoing her mom's relationship between all three of them, and no matter how many times she's told it wasn't her but 7  who ruined it likely always will.

Now she is not blaming 7 for her future abuse, but she often wonders if 7 hadn't abused her, would she have stood up for herself better? Had she not been broken at such a young age would he had gotten away with beating her the way he did? She will never know.

May 10, 2015

Day 130


by "Statist Defender"

As originally posted on: The Statist Defender
May 8, 2015

PHILADELPHIA — Pennsylvania man Ebenezer Sutherland expressed his view early Wednesday morning that the current fad of democracy sweeping the colonies is fun to imagine, it just isn’t workable in the real world.

The thirty-five year old lawyer took time to explain to reporters why he doesn’t believe the talks of freedom are incompatible with reality, saying, “I mean, yeah, it would be nice if people could be trusted with self-government, but this isn’t a utopia, you know? We have to live in the real world.”

He went on to offer further proof of why, as he says, this whole democracy thing is going to blow over, saying: “Notice how all the most successful countries in the world are monarchies? I mean, name one first world country in the world right now that’s instituting the principles of democracy. You can’t, can you?” Here he paused a moment to look back and forth between the faces of the reporters with a smug expression.

“So yeah,” He continued when it was clear they could give no examples, “I think the principles of self governance are nice on paper, but this is the real world. Is tyrannical monarchy a perfect system? No. No one’s saying it is. Is it ideal to live life at the mercy of a maniacal king in whom total power is vested without exception? Of course not. But it’s the best we can manage here on Earth.”

When asked his opinion on reports that revolution was brewing in the colonies, with supporters intending to establish a democratic government, Ebenezer rolled his eyes and shrugged.

“There are always fads and fashions that appeal to the uneducated masses, and this is just another one. Monarchy has done great things for us, I can’t see the people just ignoring that fact. I mean, without the redcoats, who’s going to protect us from the Indians trying to kill us all? Huh? Who’s going to save us from the French if not King George III?

“In their proposed system of government, there’d be so much red tape about who could murder whom with total impunity, nothing would ever get done around here. Without the necessary evil of a totalitarian ruler it would just be pure anarchy and chaos.”

With a final shrug he said: “These people who go on about ‘liberty’ and ‘basic human rights’ and ‘government by the people’ are just living in denial about how the real world works and have some serious problems with authority. They’re just a bunch of crying children who never learned how to be a part of a society and have respect for those in charge.”

May 09, 2015

Day 129


As originally posted: Reporters Without Borders
May 7, 2015

Reporters Without Borders is saddened to learn of the death of Abdelkarim Nasser Ali Muthanna, the director-general of regional Marib Radio, amid continuing threats to journalists and news media from the violence and chaos reigning Yemen.

Muthanna was killed on 22 April in Sirwah, in the eastern province of Marib, where Houthi rebels have been clashing with Sunni tribesmen for the past few weeks. According to the International Federation of Journalists, he had gone there to cover the fighting.

Reporters Without Borders has repeatedly voiced deep concern about the worsening crisis in Yemen and its impact on the civilian population and journalists.

There have been many acts of violence against journalists in Yemen since Houthi rebels seized control of Sanaa last year,” Reporters Without Borders deputy programme director Virginia Dangles said. “We reiterate our appeal to the authorities and all parties to the conflict to allow journalists to do their job. Every effort must be made to guarantee their safety.”

Aged 43, Muthanna began his career as a journalist in 2004 when he went to work for a Yemeni satellite TV station. After being appointed Marib Radio director in 2009, he became its director-general in 2011.

Journalists and media targeted

Reporters Without Borders has registered many cases of media personnel being the victims of threats, attacks or abduction in recent months in Yemen. It is becoming harder and harder for journalists to operate and cover events in the country.

Mohamed Aida, a cameraman working for US-based AlHurra TV, was abducted by Houthi rebels in Sanaa on 29 April. According to our sources, he was kidnapped at the home of a Yemeni citizen while doing a report on the humanitarian situation and power outages in the capital.

Al-Yemen Al-Youm TV presenter Mohamed Rajah Chamsan was killed during an air strike on a missile base controlled by Houthi rebels on 20 April. Three other employees of the TV station were killed in the same air strike. Al-Yemen Al-Youm TV supports former President Saleh, who is backing the rebels.

News media are also often targeted, especially by Houthi rebels. On the evening of 25 April, Houthi rebels stormed the Sanaa headquarters of Belqees TV and ransacked equipment.

Yemen is ranked 168th out of 180 countries in the 2015 Reporters Without Borders press freedom index.

May 08, 2015

Day 128

Tennessee City Adopts Sharia Law, Crime Drops By 52%

by "Adam Carlson"

As originally posted on: National Report
May 5, 2015

JACKSON, Tn. – Up until last month, Jackson, Tennessee, a town with just over 67,000 residents, was ranked among the highest in the nation for violent crime. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s annual crime report, in 2013 Jackson experienced a staggering 14,857 crimes, indicating that close to a quarter of the city’s residents are “repeat violent offenders.”

Judge Ben Scharella, who sits on the Madison County General Sessions Court and oversees criminal and civil cases for the city of Jackson, said, “We’ve had a real problem on our hands. I’ve been working with local law enforcement and the Jackson City Council to try to find a viable solution to reduce crime in our city.” Scharella said after several failed attempts at crime reduction, officials started exploring international models for a resolution. “We were looking at crime rates in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, where they strictly adhere to Sharia law. Their numbers were remarkably low.”

In January the Jackson City Council voted unanimously in favor of trying violent offenders under an interpretation of Sharia law. Following the ruling, Judge Scharella met with local Muslim leaders to determine the necessary procedures needed to run a successful Sharia court. “Initially the court was set up in the basement of City Hall, but we’ve since moved it to a permanent location within the Madison County Courthouse. We have three local clerics who oversee proceedings on a rotating schedule.” The court’s primary purpose is to deliver justice for violent crimes including armed robbery, assault, rape, and murder.

“The standard punishment for offenses such as robbery, theft, and assault is immediate amputation of the convicted individual’s right hand. Depending on the severity of the offense, the ruling cleric may order the individual’s right foot amputated as well. However this is typical only in extreme cases.” Judge Scharella went on to explain that immediately following a guilty verdict, the convict is escorted outside to the steps of the courthouse by sheriff’s deputies. The sentence is carried out publicly in the square across from the courthouse by a licensed representative of the Medical Examiner’s office. “For harsher crimes such as rape and murder, the penalty is death. Similarly, punishment is carried out in the square and administered by a sheriff’s deputy, who dispatches the convict with a single shot to the back of the head.”

The Jackson City Sharia Court also oversees juvenile infractions including violent crimes and drug offenses. However punishments are much more lenient and typically range from 75 to 200 lashes depending on the offense. “In the short time the court has been operating, the city of Jackson has seen a significant drop in crime,” Judge Scharella said. “Our numbers are less than half of what we’ve seen in previous years. To add to it, the administration of swift justice has greatly reduced the cost to taxpayers and we’re able to reallocate funding to other public programs and city improvements.”

Heather Valdoza, a local resident and Jackson native, praised the Sharia court, saying, “The city is much safer now than I can ever remember. I’m able walk around at night without looking over my shoulder. It’s wonderful.” So wonderful, in fact, that at least three other cities across the country, including San Antonio, TX, are taking steps to create similar Sharia courts.

May 07, 2015

Day 127

Political Hierarchy

by Kent McManigal

As originally posted on: Kent's "Hooligan Libertarian" Blog
[Post date not given]

My Political Hierarchy Chart

"Political tags - such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth - are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire."
- Robert A. Heinlein

I designed the chart below to show the relationships between the various political philosophies. As you pass from freedom at the top, through apathy in the middle, down to the authoritarians (those who wish to control or punish others) on the bottom, you pass through all of the ways that people relate to one another. It is obviously not "to scale" as I think that "apathy" would dominate the page if it were, and that the "authoritarian" bubble would also be much larger. This should be a 4-dimensional chart, with the top and bottom meeting in a loop to be connected by another line, and with different areas growing or shrinking over time. I would need a holographic video to properly illustrate this. I feel it is possible to jump from one area to another, but is more likely that movement will be between adjacent areas. Political power would probably be wielded by the largest "non-apathy" area, but could possibly be held by the most vibrantly active area instead.

Anarchism is the only part of the chart that is not a form of statism. Even apathy is usually a statist apathy dwelling deep inside the superstitious belief in "authority".

May 04, 2015

Day 124

300 Yazidi captives killed in Iraq by Isis militants, officials say

by Louis Doré

As originally posted: The Independent
May 3, 2015

Officials have reported hundreds of Yazidi captives, including women, children and elderly people, killed in Iraq by militants of Isis.

A statement from the Yazidi Progress Party, quoted on Shafaq News, has said that Isis (also known as Islamic State) killed 300 captives late on Friday in the Tal Afar district, west of Mosul.

Around 50,000 Yazidis fled to the mountains outside Sinjar during the capturing of the Iraqi city near the Syrian border in 2014. Hundreds were taken captive by the group and some women were reported by international rights groups as having been taken into slavery and raped.

Isis have meanwhile claimed responsibility for two car bombs which exploded around ten minutes apart late on Saturday in the Karrada district. The group said the attack was targeting a Shiite Militia.

Police have said the dead and wounded included mostly shoppers and people commemorating the birth of Imam Ali, a key figure in Shiite Islam.

Iraqi Vice-President Osama al-Nujaifi described the most recent Yazidi reported deaths as “horrific and barbaric”.

A Kurdistan Democratic Party official said: “Women, children and elderly people are confirmed among the victims. IS gathered them in one place and shot them all together.”

The Yazidis, who are followers of an ancient religion which includes elements of other faiths, have been targeted by Isis as they are viewed as infidels.

Additional reporting by AP