August 21, 2014

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Target: Mayor James Knowles

Name: James Wallace Knowles
Age: 35
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Tear down walls, fences, and any other barriers in the way of any human not being able to migrate freely.

by "Ayn Randy Savage"

As originally posted on: Ayn Randy Savage (anarchoantihero) on Twitter
November 6, 2013

The System

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#OpFerguson #ResistWithFerguson #UGNazi #Anonymous #Dox #FuckTheSystem


@YourUGNaziNews, @OpFerguson, @EastCoastToasts Also I LOVE BRYAN SO MUCHH <3


Target: Ray Albers. You should of Expected US!

Name: Raymond D Albers (aka Ray D Albers)
Age: 46
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Name: Barbara Elaine Albers
Age: 68
DOB: Sep 11, 1945

Name: Tony T Albers
Age: 43
DOB: Sep 29, 1970

August 20, 2014

The System

The following release has been edited in terms of its formatting.

#OpFerguson #ResistWithFerguson #UGNazi #Anonymous #Dox #FuckTheSystem


@YourUGNaziNews, @OpFerguson Also I LOVE BRYAN <3


Target: Chief of Police Ferguson. You should of Expected US!

Name: Thomas W Jackson (Tom)
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Southern Methodist University

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Islamic State militants behead missing American journalist

August 19, 2014

Islamic State militants have released a graphic video allegedly depicting the beheading of American photojournalist James Wright Foley, who has been missing since 2012 after being kidnapped in Syria.

Foley went missing almost two years ago while covering the conflict in Syria as a freelance photographer. The 39-year-old reporter was working for Agence France-Presse when he disappeared, and his whereabouts were essentially unknown until this recording surfaced.

His November 22nd disappearance was classified as a kidnapping by the FBI, which stated he “was taken by an organized gang after departing from an internet café in Binesh, Syria.”

The Islamist group also threatened to kill another American journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff of World Affairs and Time, stating his fate is in the hands of President Barack Obama.

In the new video, the militants proclaimed the violent act as “a message to America” for its decision to launch airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq, where it has made rapid territorial conquests over the last few months.

After stating that President Obama’s decision to authorize military action against the extremist group “effectively [placed] America upon a slippery slope towards a new war front against Muslims,” Foley appears kneeling beside a masked man. He is forced to read a letter which blames the US government for “hammering the final nail into his coffin” before the masked man takes his life.

The family of James Foley confirmed the journalist’s death on a webpage that had been devoted to securing his release. His mother, Diane Foley, said in a statement that her son "gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the Syrian people."

Sotloff’s life “depends on Obama’s next decision,” the group claimed. Sotloff has been missing since mid-2013, and his Twitter account indicates his last known location was Libya.

Speaking anonymously to the Associated Press, three US officials said the video looked authentic, with two saying the victim was indeed Foley. President Obama is expected to comment on the matter on Wednesday.

Earlier on Tuesday, the US National Security Council confirmed it had seen the video, but added that it's still working to determine its authenticity.

"If genuine, we are appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist and we express our deepest condolences to his family and friends," NSC spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said.

The video’s release comes just one day after militants declared they would attack American targets “in any place” if American airstrikes kill any of their members. Militants said, “we will drown all of you in blood” and flashed images of an American was beheading during the United States’ initial invasion of Iraq.

So far, the Islamic State’s campaign through Iraq has seen numerous reports of beheadings, including those carried out against child victims. The group has regularly threatened Christians and other minorities to either convert to their radical take on Islam or die, and even forced tens of thousands of ethnic Yazidis to flee to Sinjar Mountain with no food or water in order to escape being executed.

The last event triggered renewed military and humanitarian action by the United States earlier this month, and airstrikes have been used to help Kurdish security forces beat back militant fighters from northern Iraq. On Monday, Obama announced Iraqi and Kurdish forces had retaken control of the Mosul Dam – Iraq’s largest, and a key strategic landmark – marking the most significant victory for Iraqi troops since the US became involved again.

August 19, 2014

The System

The following tweets were originally posted by "Texts To My Boss" on Twitter via "its" account (, respectively, on December 2, 2012 and December 6, 2012.

Look, you can't put any faith in the system to reform itself. The corporate class is a cancer to human society.

If a capitalist is not a fucking bloodsucker, what is? If a billionaire is not a pathological thief, then who is?


Liverpool takeaway owner joins fight against Isis in Iraq

Mohammed Abudullah is among the British Kurds compelled to go back to Iraq to take up arms

As originally posted: Liverpool Echo
August 18, 2014

A takeaway manager from Liverpool is among the British Kurds who have returned to their homeland to fight Isis fundamentalists in Iraq.

Mohammed Abudullah who normally runs a takeaway food store is helping the Peshmerga forces battle the Isis (Islamic State) gunmen accused of several recents atrocities.

Interviewed by Sky News alongside a military tank, the fast food retailer said he felt just as much at ease handling a Kalashnikov rifle as he does running a shop.

Mr Abudullah said: “Actually, I’ve got a British passport, I’ve got everything, I’ve got a life there, I don’t need anything but I’m here just for Kurdistan, for Kurdish people, for my family. I don’t care if I get killed or not.”

Mr Abudullah and his friends took film footage of the battle with Isis in Jalula, northern Iraq. At one stage the Peshmerga are pinned down in a doorway while shots ring out outside. In other footage, the Peshmerga are fighting to keep Isis out of the courtyard of a mobile phone tower.

Mr Abudullah looks uncomfortable as the Peshmerga risk being overwhelmed by much more experienced, much better armed, Isis opponents.

Mr Abudullah said: “My friends have been killed next to me. If people were killed next to you, you are going to be happy? No.

“That’s why I feel I need to fight here. I’ll fight here until I’m going to die.

“I don’t mind. Just my people, are going to be free.”

Mr Abudullah is not alone in feeling compelled to join the battle.

Leeds man Saman Baqu also came from the UK to join the fight. He has lived in Leeds for 12 years but felt drawn to Iraq after seeing Isis come to kill men, women and children.

He said because of that he could not stay away and was prepared to take up arms to help the Peshmerga.

*Do you know the takeaway Mr Abudullah runs in Liverpool? If so, tweet us @livechonews or give us a call on 0151 472 2439

The System

Suicied iznt an joek.. Kil ursalf.

by "McDolans"

As originally posted on: Mcdolans (McdolansFood) on Twitter
June 8, 2013

August 18, 2014

The System

The Islamic State: A Monster Empire Created

August 17, 2014

Western media has been reducing the Islamic State's violence to yet another sectarian conflict.

As the jihadi militants of the Islamist State – IS, formerly known as ISIS – rampage through Syria and Iraq, wantonly beheading infidels and sending hundreds of thousands scurrying for safety, the Western media is quick to reduce the rapidly escalating conflict to a sectarian struggle between Sunnis and Shias, or a broader clash of civilizations between Muslims and everyone else – between Islam and other religions, between Islam and non-believers, or between Islam and the modern world.

But, its own practices and ideological narratives aside, the Islamic fundamentalism of IS is not some kind of barbaric relic from an unenlightened religious past, nor can the ongoing wars in the Middle East be reduced to a simplistic binary narrative. Like European fascism, Islamic fundamentalism is a decidedly modern phenomenon, and wherever we look in modern history, we find that the Western powers have always played a major role in its rise. The Islamic State is no exception.

The jihadists of IS and its antecedent groups initially rose to prominence in the vacuum left by the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq. When the US toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, they did not only purge the state apparatus of his Baathist allies, but they purged it of the entire Sunni minority of which Saddam himself had been a part. Most dramatically, large parts of the majority-Sunni army were disbanded, leaving tens of thousands of combat-savvy and frustrated young men without pay and without any meaningful influence on the new Shia-dominated and US-backed political establishment in the country.

As was already obvious to many observers back then, the US invasion thus set the stage for a disastrous backlash. Many of Saddam’s former Sunni soldiers ended up joining the jihadist insurgency against the US occupation, giving Al Qaeda a new foothold in Iraq – a country where it had previously had no influence. The bloody sectarian strife that subsequently broke out, killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and preparing the ground for further radicalization, was not the cause but the outcome of the destabilization of the Iraqi state at the hands of the occupying forces.

In fact, the link between the US occupation and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Iraq is more direct than most realize. Last week, the New York Times ran a fascinating background article about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Muslim cleric and ruthless leader of IS who just crowned himself Caliph of the Islamic world, which noted that, “at every turn, Mr. Baghdadi’s rise has been shaped by the United States’ involvement in Iraq – most of the political changes that fueled his fight, or led to his promotion, were born directly from some American action.”

When the US army first detained Baghdadi in Fallujah in early 2004, he was considered little more than a “street thug.” But according to the Hisham al-Hasimini, an Iraqi scholar who studied Baghdadi’s background for Iraq’s intelligence agency, the current IS leader underwent a process of radicalization during his five years’ imprisonment in a US detention facility. “Iraqi to the core,” the Times writes, “his extremist ideology was sharpened and refined in the crucible of the American occupation.”

In subsequent years, Baghdadi surrounded himself with former members of Saddam’s Baathist party, who – despite their lack of credentials as radical Islamists – turned out to be key allies in the establishment of Al Qaeda in Iraq (the immediate antecedent to ISIS) as an insurgent movement, replete with its own army of jihadists, its own base of taxation (or extortion), its own oil revenues from the fields it managed to capture, and increasingly its own public services (like local transport and religious education) in the areas under its control.

But while the world's morbid fascination with IS stems from its lightning advances and its campaign of brutality in western Iraq last June, it was in Syria – as the world largely looked the other way – that the group groomed its warrior feathers, gaining a strategic stronghold, mopping up moderate Islamist groups to significantly expand its own numbers, rooting out the Free Syrian Army, attacking the Kurdish resistance, and obtaining various additional sources of income that were to prove crucial in  its further campaigns and its efforts to cement itself as a self-sustaining para-state.

Meanwhile, as it brandished its anti-Shia credentials, ISIS received lavish financial support from one of the United States’ main allies in the region: Saudi Arabia. The other Gulf states – Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates – are also implicated in directly or indirectly financing various extremist groups in Syria, including Jabhat al-Nusra, the second biggest faction after ISIS. But as one senior Qatari officialaffirms, “ISIS has been a Saudi project.” Patrick Cockburn, a long-term Middle East correspondent,notes that “Saudi Arabia has created a Frankenstein’s monster over which it is rapidly losing control.”

Given the United States’ historical support for extremist groups – most notably its sponsoring of the mujahideen in their struggle against communism in Afghanistan, which directly paved the way for the rise of the Taliban and Al Qaeda – it should not come as a surprise that, this time around, the US has also been directly involved in enabling the rise of ISIS. In fact, it turns out that leading US lawmakers, including Republican Senator John McCain, have been actively pressing their allies to support the Syrian opposition and oust Assad. “Thank God for the Saudis and Prince Bandar, and for our Qatari friends,” McCain exclaimed as as recently as February 2014. (Prince Bandar is alleged to be the Saudi point manbehind the funding of ISIS.)

At the same time, another important US ally in the region, Turkey – a NATO member – provided a crucial hub for ISIS by deliberately opening its 500-mile border to allow Syrian rebels to fall back onto Turkish territory and to permit Western jihadists – alienated young Muslim men from Europe, Australia and the US – to join their comrades in Syria. Consistent rumors have been doing the rounds that the head of Turkey’s intelligence services, Hakan Fidan, a key confidante of Prime Minister Erdogan, was personally responsible for the country’s covert support for ISIS.

Greatly strengthened by Gulf financing and an influx of foreign fighters, with Turkey providing a much-needed organizational hub and thoroughfare, and with the Obama administration actively refusing to support the democratic Syrian resistance, ISIS quickly destroyed and eclipsed the moderate opposition, solidly growing into the main rebel group in Syria and finishing off the last-remaining strongholds of the Syrian revolution – until it deemed itself powerful enough to launch back into Iraq and march right up to Tikrit without encountering any serious resistance.

Now, in one of the greatest ironies of all, the United States finds itself back in Iraq, eleven years after its original invasion, bombing its own tanks, its own artillery pieces, and its own armored personnel vehicles – once provided to the Iraqi army during the eight-year occupation and summarily seized by ISIS as it sacked deserted bases across western Iraq – to stem the advances of an extremist enemy that its own imperial misadventures have given rise to. Once again, the US and its allies have created a monster they can no longer control. Once again, they will go to war to try to eradicate it. And once again, they will only end up making an even bigger mess in the process.

The System

Iraqi and Kurdish forces battle for Mosul Dam

Fierce fighting rages as Peshmerga and Iraqi counter-terror troops try to recapture Mosul Dam from Islamic State group.

August 18, 2014

Fierce fighting is raging around the Mosul Dam, Iraq's largest, as Kurdish Peshmerga troops and Iraqi counter-terrorism forces try to recapture it from Islamic State fighters who seized it just over a week ago.

Speaking from the town of Badriya on Monday, Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr said, "the dam is right behind me. There is smoke billowing. It is still contested territory according to a Peshmerga spokesperson.

"There is some cooperation with Iraqi forces but it is the Kurds that are waging battle - we have been to many frontlines but not seen many Iraqi forces on the ground.

Lieutenant-General Qasim Atta, an Iraqi military spokesman, told Iraqi state television that the attack had been planned days in advance and involved Iraqi anti-terrorism forces as well as SWAT teams and the Peshmerga.

The channel had earlier quoted Atta as saying the forces had retaken the dam, backed by an air patrol. It was quickly dismissed by other sources as a premature victory statement.

On Sunday, the Peshmerga recaptured the town of Tel Skuf, about 15km east of the dam, as well as the towns of Sharafiya and Batnaya.

Their advance was aided by US air strikes on Islamic State positions. The US central command said it had launched 14 raids to support Iraqi security forces and Kurdish defence forces to combat the Islamic State - suggesting its role in northern Iraq had expanded beyond that of "supporting humanitarian efforts".

It said the raids had damaged or destroyed 10 armed vehicles, seven Humvees, two armoured personnel carriers and one checkpoint. The US carried out nine air strikes on Saturday.

The White House said late on Sunday that the air strikes were ordered by President Barack Obama because the Islamic State's control of the dam represented a clear threat to Iraqi and US interests.

Iraq's recapturing of the entire Mosul Dam complex on the Tigris River and the territory surrounding its reservoir would be a significant victory against the Islamic State group, which seized large swaths of northern and western Iraq this summer.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Michael Stephens, deputy director at British Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, said: "The Mosul Dam controls a lot of the water going into Baghdad, and it is one of the main water collection points for northern Iraq. It also produces hydro-electric power so it is of big strategic importance."

Seizing the dam, he added, is "in line with the Islamic State group's strategy of trying to control bigger areas of infrastructure, so they can declare that their operation is working and gain more leverage".

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

The System

Boko Haram abducts dozens in Nigeria

Suspected Boko Haram fighters abducted dozens of boys and men from remote Nigeria village last Sunday, witnesses say.

August 15, 2014

Suspected Boko Haram fighters have abducted dozens of boys and men in a raid on a remote village in northeast Nigeria, loading them onto trucks and driving them off, witnesses who fled the violence said.

Several witnesses who arrived as refugees in the city of Maiduguri told Reuters news agency on Friday that the fighters had also killed six older men in last Sunday's raid on the village of Doron Baga, in which several houses were burned.

As many as 97 people are unaccounted for, the villagers said.

The kidnappings come four months after Boko Haram, which is fighting to reinstate a medieval Islamic caliphate in religiously mixed Nigeria, abducted more than 200 schoolgirls from the village of Chibok.

"They left no men or boys in the place; only young children, girls and women," said Halima Adamu, sobbing softly and looking exhausted after a 180 km road trip on the back of a truck to the northern city of Maiduguri.

"They were shouting 'Allah Akbar' (God is greatest), shooting sporadically. There was confusion everywhere. They started parking our men and boys into their vehicles, threatening to shoot whoever disobey them. Everybody was scared."

Boko Haram, seen as the number one security threat to Africa's top economy and oil producer, has dramatically increased attacks on civilians in the past year, and the once-grassroots movement has rapidly lost popular support as it gets more blood thirsty.

Its solution - kidnapping boys and forcing them to fight and abducting girls as sex slaves - is chilling echo of Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army, which has operated in the same way in Uganda, South Sudan and central Africa for decades.

The military did not respond to a request for comment. A security source said they were aware of the incident but were still investigating the details.

Source: Agencies

August 17, 2014

The System

Syrian jets hammer Islamic State stronghold

Islamic State-controlled city of Raqqa comes under intense air bombardment, ending an undeclared truce between sides.

August 17, 2014

Syrian regime forces have hammered Raqqa with more than two dozen air strikes, a monitoring group said, ending an undeclared truce between the government and Islamic State group which controls the city.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported at least 31 fighters from the Islamic State were killed and dozens wounded in the attacks on Sunday.

The observatory said 26 strikes on Sunday hit Islamic State buildings, including the military court and bases in the city. Al Jazeera cannot independently verify the casualty figures or the targets, although sources told the network that at least six civilians were killed and 10 injured in the bombing.

Government forces have previously held off from targeting the Islamic State group, formerly known as ISIL - a strategy that has aided the group's battle against other rebels such as the Islamic Front coalition, the Free Syrian Army and al-Qaeda's affiliate in the Syrian war, the Nusra Front.

Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, has long painted the uprising in Syria as a foreign-backed conspiracy and his enemies say he has allowed the Islamic State to grow to promote that idea.

A resident in Raqqa said government jets stepped up their bombardment five days ago. "About 30 percent of the strikes hit the Islamic State positions, the rest hit civilian areas," he said.

On Saturday, there had been 16 air strikes, with dozens of artillery rounds also fired at areas under Islamic State control, he said, speaking via Skype and declining to be identified out of concern for his safety.

The attacks come after the Islamic State group on Thursday captured the headquarters of Syria's 17th Division, based in the Raqqa area. It posted a video online of its operation.

The observatory says more than 170,000 people have been killed in Syria's civil war, although this figure cannot be verified by Al Jazeera. The UN stopped counting at about 100,000 deaths more than a year ago.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

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E-Hoe Gets ran by F2C!!

by "Failure2Connect" [a/k/a "F2C"]

As originally posted on:
August 16, 2014

F2C Bitch!! -love Dox

(Hidden Wanderer Dox)

Name- Victoria Surgeon

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Gamertag- Hidden Wanderer

Kik- Emotionaltrainwreck.

Skype- msmura_

Commonly used password- bekkah13

(Mommy Info)

Name- Rebekah Sturgeon

Number- (580) 579 0117

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Job- Rebekah Sturgeon Photography

Facebook- /Rebekahjames.stugeon

SSN- 644-12-189

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Nephililim gets Ran by F2C!!

by "Failure2Connect" [a/k/a "F2C"]

As originally posted on:
August 16, 2014

F2C Bitch!! -love Dox

(Nephililim Dox)

Name: Jessica Nicole Wurst

Twitter - @Murdercide

Xbl - Nephililim

Instagram - mistressatann


House Phone- (215) 675-0696

SSN: 199-74-3861

City: Hatboro

Zip/Postal: 19040

State/Province: Pennsylvania

Country: USA

ISP: Comcast

IP address:

Address: 423 Mallard Road

August 14, 2014

The System

How ISIS Finally Became Obama's Enemy

by Shamus Cooke

As originally posted:
August 9, 2014

Suddenly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has become a threat worthy of American missiles. For years Obama completely ignored the biggest and most brutal terror group in the Middle East, allowing it to balloon into a regional power. No matter how many heads it severed or how much territory it conquered, ISIS just couldn’t draw Obama’s attention.

As ISIS was conquering ever-expanding territories Obama was supposedly waging a “war on terror” around the globe, drone-bombing any would-be bogeyman in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. But when a real bogeyman emerged, Obama ignored it, and so did the U.S. media, which instead followed Obama’s warmongering gaze to Ukraine, while plagiarizing the president’s endless excuse-making for Israel’s genocidal conduct in Gaza.

For well over two years ISIS and other al-Qaeda-style groups have been the main driving force in the Syrian war that has claimed over 170,000 lives, with millions made refugees. And now, suddenly, Obama wants to intervene for “humanitarian” reasons to fight ISIS. But the actual reason that ISIS attracted Obama’s missiles is that the terror group did something unforgivable: It has finally threatened “U.S. interests,” whereas before the interests of ISIS and Obama were perfectly aligned.

The indefatigable Middle East journalist Patrick Cockburn was dumbfounded by the lack of government and media attention ISIS has gotten, as the group expanded its power over huge regions of Syria and Iraq, now threatening Lebanon. Cockburn exasperatedly writes: “As the attention of the world focused on Ukraine and Gaza, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) captured a third of Syria in addition to the quarter of Iraq it had seized in June…The birth of the new [ISIS] state is the most radical change to the political geography of the Middle East since the Sykes-Picot Agreement was implemented in the aftermath of the First World War. Yet this explosive transformation has created surprisingly little alarm internationally…”

Similar surprise was displayed by Noah Bonsey, a Syria expert at the International Crisis Group, who couldn’t understand the free hand Obama was giving ISIS:

“The U.S. has the clout and capacity to build partnerships capable of reversing ISIS gains, but seems to lack the necessary vision and will.”

And finally from The New York Times:

“Even after the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, seized Fallujah and other territory in the western part of the country [Iraq] at the beginning of the year and marched through Mosul and toward Baghdad by summer, the president expressed no enthusiasm for American military action.”

Or any action for that matter.

While ignoring the ISIS destruction of Syria and invasion of Iraq, U.S.-led NATO issued non-stop warnings about Russia possibly invading Ukraine. But of course there were no such warnings issued — or attention paid — to Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

And whereas Obama didn’t so much as lift a finger to stop the invasion of Gaza, he recently stated that the U.S. has a “unique opportunity” to stop an ISIS massacre in Iraq; thousands of Gazans must be rolling in their freshly dug graves.

Obama’s inconsistent approach to foreign policy has confused many an analyst, who see no logic in the president’s approach to military intervention. Even Obama’s former deputy Secretary of State recently commented:

“Nobody has the sense about why [intervention] in some cases and not in others… His [Obama’s] last news conference just leaves you scratching your head. Yeah, we can’t do everything. But what matters to us?”

In reality, however, there is a definite logic to Obama’s foreign policy, where he has been disgracefully consistent throughout his presidency. For example, Obama publicly targeted the Syrian government for destruction and had no qualms about using ISIS and the other al-Qaeda-linked groups as proxies in this fight.

These terror groups were encouraged to grow exponentially in their fight against al-Assad, with Obama knowing full well that Saudi Arabia and other U.S. allied Gulf States were sending mountains of money, guns, and fighters to the jihadists. There was simply was no one else effectively fighting al-Assad, a dynamic that has expanded a war that would have ended years ago, while creating the environment that ISIS thrived in. Much of the money and guns that Obama shipped to the “moderate” Islamists rebels of course found its way into the hands of the jihadists, since thousands of moderates have since joined ISIS.

The more that ISIS did for the U.S. in Syria, the less Obama gave it attention, which is a very powerful form of passive political support. When ISIS invaded Iraq from Syria, Obama barely batted an eyelash, making excuse after excuse why the U.S. couldn’t send the Iraqi government military equipment. Imagine, however, if Saudi Arabia or Israel were invaded by a terrorist organization? Obama would have green-lighted F-16 bombing raids in minutes.

Obama’s lack of concern for the ISIS invasion of Iraq was ideologically linked to his inaction in Syria: Obama wants regime change in both nations, and is using ISIS as a de facto ally in both cases. This became quickly obvious with Obama’s response to the ISIS invasion of Iraq; he simply criticized the Iraqi government for not being more inclusive; meanwhile ISIS butchered its way through giant regions of Iraq and subjected the survivors to a more brutal totalitarianism than the U.S.-allied dictatorship in Saudi Arabia.

Further political support was given to ISIS by U.S. politicians, who essentially accepted ISIS as the ruler of the newly conquered Iraqi territories; these politicians instantly referred to Iraq as being “de facto partitioned,” meaning that ISIS had created a separate Sunni region that would be complemented by Shia and Kurdish regions.

Coincidentally, this “partition” plan just happens to be the official plan of Vice President Joe Biden, who for a while has advocated a “soft partition” of Iraq, an idea as ludicrous as a “partial” nuclear attack. As long as ISIS was “de facto” helping achieve Biden’s partition plan, Obama was fine with ISIS’ murderous rampage. And now the media informs us, unsurprisingly, that Biden’s plan has officially been “gaining momentum” in Washington D.C.

But then ISIS went too far. The red line that ISIS finally crossed was their attack against the U.S. allied Kurdish Iraqis. The Kurds govern their own oil-rich autonomous zone in Iraq, and have been steadfast U.S. supporters. The New York Times talks openly about the real, non-humanitarian motive of Obama attacking ISIS:

“Mr. Obama has been reluctant to order direct military action in Iraq [against ISIS] while [Iraqi] Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki remains in office, but in recent weeks there have been repeated pleas from the Kurdish officials for weapons and assistance as ISIS militants have swept across northwestern Iraq.”

The Times re-enforced this perspective when talking about the views of Representative Adam Smith of Washington State:

“…he [Smith] supported intervening on behalf of the Kurds, as opposed to the unpopular Baghdad government. The Kurds are worth helping and defending.”

There you have it. The thousands who have been slaughtered by ISIS in Syria and other parts of Iraq weren’t “worth defending,” but the Kurds are different, since their leaders are U.S. allies. This sums up U.S. foreign policy in a nutshell, which has absolutely nothing to do with “humanitarianism.” Gazans are allowed to be slaughtered, Syrian’s massacred, and half of Iraq torn to shreds while Obama has busied himself with making threats to Russia.

The logical of U.S. military intervention is completely based on a cynical calculation meant to boost U.S. military and corporate power abroad, by any means necessary.



Shamus Cooke is a social service worker, trade unionist, and writer for Workers Action. He can be reached at

The System

Armed gunmen shoot local man as part of their reign of terror in Iraq. Oops! Nope, that was police in #Ferguson. My mistake.

by "Tea Party Cat"

As originally posted on: Top Conservative Cat (TeaPartyCat) on Twitter
August 13, 2014